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Shopping List for a Newborn Baby!

There are so many items that are required that it really is a good idea to compile a Shopping List for a Newborn Baby. It's amazing just how much equipment and how many items that are needed to prepare for the arrival of a new born as our Shopping List for a Newborn Baby clearly shows!

Shopping List for Baby Clothes

6-8 undershirts / vests
2-4 receiving blankets
1-2 double receiving blankets
4-6 sleepers
1-2 sweaters
1-2 shawl or cotton blanket
1-2 pairs booties
1-2 caps
4-6 pairs socks
1-2 pairs scratch mittens
1-2 Side-snap tees
1-2 Bodysuits
2-4 Rompers
2-4 Bibs
6-8 Hangers

1 Dozen Cloth Diapers

Baby Clothes Sizes
Baby Clothes sizes can be confusing. The following information provides a fast way to check on baby clothes sizes by age, weight and height

Newborn / Small
0-3 months - 8-12 lbs - 18-23 in

3-6 months - 12-18 lbs - 23-25 in

6-9 months - 19-21 lbs - 25-27 in

Extra Large
9-12months - 21-23 lbs - 27-29 in

Shopping List Baby for Feeds & Bathing

6 - 8 4oz. Bottles
6 - 8 8oz. Bottles
1 - 2 Bottle brushes
1 Sterilizer Kit
1 Bottle Warmer
2 - 3 Disposable Bottle Kit
1 case of formula 1 Infant Plastic Bathtub
5 - 6 Hooded towels
2 - 4 Washcloths for bathing baby
1 Bath mat
1 container Bathing baby body wash
1 Baby Bathing lotion
1 Baby Bathing oil
1 Baby shampoo
Assortment of Bathing Toys

Shopping List for Bedding & Travel

Crib Mattress
Changing Table
Bouncer chair
Toy chest or basket
Wall shelves
Waste Paper Basket
Car Seat / Infant Seat
Front/back Carrier
Diaper bag
Child view mirror
Head support
Car seat strap covers

Checklists for New Born Babies!
We have compiled a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. Click the link of your choice for more useful and non commercial information. A great help when you're out shopping for the new baby.


Baby Toys Checklist
Baby Feeding Checklist
Bathing Baby Checklist
Baby Travel Checklist
Baby Safety / Home Protection Checklist
Health and Baby Care Checklist
Baby Furniture Checklist

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