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A Baby Toys Checklist!
The following Baby Toys Checklist will really help you to get organised. Other information on this page includes a section containing an extremely useful Baby Development Chart!

Baby Development Chart

Shopping List for a Newborn Baby

Baby Toys Checklist
Baby gym
Crib mobile
Stuffed animals
Doorway jumper
Board books
Play yard
Activity mat
Letter blocks
Activity center

Music / Cassette tapes
Tape player
Soft / material books
Toy Box
Wooden Toy

Baby Educational Toys - Suitability
There are many types of educational toy available and the vast range on offer can be confusing. It's therefore not unusual that we will buy an educational toy which will appeal to us but not be suitable for the baby. The suitability of a educational toys depends on the age and developmental stage of the baby.

Pick an educational toy which will stimulate the senses and skills that correspond to the correct stage of development!

A baby's senses are at different stages of development. For instance the sense of hearing is much further advanced than the sense of sight. Between birth and 3 months the range of sight is no more than between 8 and 10 inches. It would therefore make perfect sense to encourage the use of educational toys that can be appreciated at the appropriate infant development stage.

Checklists for New Born Babies!
We have compiled a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. Click the link of your choice for more useful and non commercial information. A great help when you're out shopping for the new baby.

Baby Development Chart

Shopping List for a Newborn Baby

Baby Feeding Checklist
Bathing Baby Checklist
Baby Travel Checklist
Baby Safety / Home Protection Checklist
Health and Baby Care Checklist
Baby Furniture Checklist

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