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Bathing Health and Care
The Health and care of your baby boy or girl will be a major priority. The bathing related items listed on the checklist will ensure that your bathroom has all of the basic requirements to help you with the health and bathing care of your new baby. Telephone numbers of Doctors and other Health care professionals need to be at hand for any emergencies - It might help to put a copy of these in your medicine cabinet.

Shopping List for a Newborn Baby

Bathing Baby Checklist
1 Infant Plastic Bathtub
5 - 6 Hooded towels
2 - 4 Washcloths for bathing baby
1 Bath mat
1 container Bathing baby body wash
1 Baby Bathing lotion
1 Baby Bathing oil
1 Baby shampoo
Assortment of Bathing Toys

Bathroom requirements
Toilet locks

Non slip mats
1 Water thermometer
1 pair Blunt nail scissors
1 Toothbrush
1 Comb & brush
1 First-aid kit
Disinfecting hand soap

Health and Baby Bathing Safety Considerations
Detailed below are various Bathing Safety Considerations which must be adhered to in the bathroom and when bathing babies:

Water Temperature - Make sure the hot water heater is set at 120 F or below to avoid any risk of burning or scalding when bathing

When water or bathing is involved there is always a risk of drowning. Never leave your baby unattended in the bathtub

Slipping and falling - Place a bath mat on the bottom of the tub to reduce this risk

Risk of cuts - Use a soft cover for the faucet to reduce this risk

Stinging eyes - Use a shampoo shield to reduce this risk

Accidents - Use locks on the toilet and cabinets

Poison Hazards - Put all medicines and tablets on a high shelf or cabinet and for extra safety put a lock on the bathroom cabinet.

Checklists for New Born Babies!
We have compiled a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. Click the link of your choice for more useful and non commercial information. A great help when you're out shopping for the new baby.

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Shopping List for a Newborn Baby

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