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Safety and Home Protection Checklist
This important aspect of parenting can sometimes be overlooked as so many elements of Safety and Home Protection do not apply until the baby starts to become mobile - but just by glancing at the checklist you will see that this is not necessarily so. Put aside just an hour of your time and look at your home and its potential pitfalls and dangers and concentrate on what you will need to do to ensure you have done everything in relation to Baby Safety and Home Protection.

Safety and Home Protection Checklist
Door stops
Night lights
Locks on electrical appliances
Corner cushions
Fire guards
Safety Gates
Outlet plugs
Cabinet locks
Drawer latches
Lead testers
Toilet seat cover
Doorknob covers
Faucet Covers
Bed rail
Household disinfectant
Cell phone
Smoke detectors
Carbon monoxide detectors
Health and Child Care Books

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Baby Safety and Home Protection in the Nursery

Heaters. Do not place portable heaters near the crib

Install a Smoke detector

Install carbon monoxide detectors at least 15 feet away from fuel burning appliances

Do not place a crib next to a window that has blinds and therefore cords once again the possibility of strangulation must be considered

Loose objects such as lamps, plants or ornaments. Do not place a crib near any objects that the baby could pull on top of him

Check all furniture and lamps for stability
Shelves. Do not place a crib under shelves - once again loose objects could fall on her

Ensure the crib and crib mattress fits snugly

Ensure the crib meets the regulated safety standards

You should only be able to slide one finger between the mattress and the rails

Set the mattress on the lowest level of the crib to prevent a growing infant from climbing out

Crib bumper - ensure it is secure on all sides to avoid any possibility of baby's head getting caught.

Remove the bumper when baby's able to stand

Any type of crib attachment should be installed on the wall side of the crib

Never put pillows or stuffed animals in the crib

Mobiles should be removed when the baby is 5 - 7 months old

Use plugs in unused outlets

Place guards on windows

Cords from all electrical equipment such as phones and lamps should be safely out of reach

Baby Safety and Home Protection: Used or second hand infant furniture - potential hazards
Some potential safety hazards that must be taken into consideration.

The age of the used furniture. The latest up to date safety inspection procedures and regulations ensure that baby furniture adheres to the highest safety regulations. This is not the case with older furniture.

Painted used infant furniture. Not recommended due the possibility of paint or lead poisoning

Used infant furniture with loose joints. Not recommended due the possibility of causing an injury.

Cribs with bars more than 2 inches apart. Not recommended due the possibility of causing strangulation

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