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Planning Baby Furniture
The Baby Furniture checklist is a just a guideline to those items that you might require in a nursery. Evaluate the space that is available in the room that you will use as a nursery and check out the sizes of the larger baby furniture items to ensure that they will fit in an appropriate part of the room.

Baby Furniture
Checklist for the Nursery

Crib Mattress
Changing Table
Bassinet or cradle
High chair
Infant Swing
Bouncer chair
Portable play yard
Potty chair
Rocking Chair
Toy chest or basket
Wall shelves
Waste Paper Basket

Baby Furniture
Sleeping Accessories Checklist

1-2 waterproof mattress pads
3-4 fitted crib sheets
3-4 blankets (cotton thermal)
1 crib bumper pad

Checklists for New Born Babies!
We have compiled a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. Click the link of your choice for more useful and non commercial information. A great help when you're out shopping for the new baby.

Shopping List for a Newborn Baby

Baby Development Chart
Baby Toys Checklist
Baby Feeding Checklist
Bathing Baby Checklist
Baby Travel Checklist
Baby Safety / Home Protection Checklist
Health and Baby Care Checklist

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