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A Baby Feeding Checklist!
The following Checklists will really help you to get organised. The feeding checklists have been separated into Bottle, Breast and Solid Feeding categories.

Baby Development Chart

Shopping List for a Newborn Baby

Bottle Feeding Checklist

6 - 8 4oz. Bottles
6 - 8 8oz. Bottles
Fast Flow Nipples
Slow Flow Nipples
1 - 2 Bottle brushes
4-6 Bibs
4-6 Burp pads
1 Sterilizer Kit
1 Bottle Warmer
2 - 3 Disposable Bottle Kit
1 Food Grinder/blender
1 case of formula   

Breast Feeding Checklist
1 Breast Pump
1 Nipple lotion
2-5 pairs breast pads
2-3 nursing bras
2 - 3 Bottles for storing milk
1 - 2 Bottle brush

Solid Feeds Checklist
1 - 2 Feeding Fork
1 - 2 Feeding Spoon
1 - 2 Feeding Bowl
1 - 2 Training cup
1 - 2 Feeding bowl

Useful information about Solid Feeding
Diluted Juices are introduced at the age of 1 month

Undiluted Juices are introduced at the age of 2 months

Introduce semi-solid foods at the age of 4 months or weighs 6kg or by the age four months

First introduce rice cereal at 4 months

Introduce mashed fruits at 4-5 months

Introduce mashed vegetables by 5-6 months

When solid feeding is established ensure a daily intake of 500 -750ml milk

Introduce Yolk of egg by 6 - 7 months

Introduce minced meat and fish by 9 - 10 months

Checklists for New Born Babies!
We have compiled a really useful set of checklists indicating quantities as well as content. Click the link of your choice for more useful and non commercial information. A great help when you're out shopping for the new baby.

Baby Development Chart

Shopping List for a Newborn Baby

Baby Toys Checklist
Bathing Baby Checklist
Baby Travel Checklist
Baby Safety / Home Protection Checklist
Health and Baby Care Checklist
Baby Furniture Checklist

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