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If you have searched for 'Name Meanings' then this is the place for you! Perhaps you have an interest in your own name meaning or the meanings of the name of someone who is close to you. 

It might also mean that "Congratulations" might be in order. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby or just interested in names and their meaning we hope that the information that we provide will be of help.

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Girl Name Meanings List

Tabitha Aramaic Gazelle
Taine Gaelic River
Talia Greek Blooming
Tamara Hebrew Palm Tree
Tammy Hebrew Perfect
Tanya, Tania, Russian Fairy Queen
Tara Gaelic Towering Rock
Taryn Celtic beautiful sky
Tasha Short for Natasha
Tatum English Spirited
Tegan - Welsh meaning pretty
Templa Latin Temple or Sanctuary
Teresa, Teri, Greek Harvester
Tertia Latin The Third
Tess, Tessa Greek Fourth Child
Thadine Hebrew Praised
Thalia Greek Joy or Blooming
Thea Greek Divine
Thelma Greek Nursling
Theodora Greek Divine Gift
Theola Greek The Divine
Thirza Hebrew Delightful
Thomasina Hebrew The Twin
Thora Teutonic Thunder
Tia Spanish Aunt
Tiffany Greek Appearance of a God
Tilda Teutonic Maid of Battles
Tilly derivative of Matilda
Tina Latin Little One
Titania Greek Giant
Toinette Latin Beyond Praise
Tonia Latin Beyond Praise
Tracy Gaelic Fighter
Tressa Greek Harvester
Trina Greek Pure
Trista Latin The Sorrowful
Trixie, Trix Latin She Who Blesses
Trudie Teutonic Loved One
Tuesday Anglo Saxon of the Week
Tyne Old English River 

Boy Name Meanings List

Taffy Celtic Welsh form of David
Tait Scandinavian Cheerful
Talbot Old German From the Valley
Tanner Old English Leather Worker
Tate Anglo Saxon Cheerful
Taylor - Old English Occupation Name
Teague Celtic A Poet or Bard
Terrence Latin Smooth, Polished
Thaddeus Greek / Hebrew Praise be to God
Thayer Teutonic Of the Nation's Army
Theobold Teutonic Patriotic
Theodore, Theo - Greek Gift of God
Theron Greek Hunter
Thomas, Tom, Tommy - Hebrew Twin
Thor Scandinavian God of Thunder
Thorpe Teutonic Residence Name
Thurston Scandinavian Thor's Jewel
Tilden Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Timothy Greek Honor God
Titus Greek Of the Giants
Tobias Hebrew Goodness of the Lord
Toby Hebrew God is Good
Todd Scottish Fox
Tony Latin Beyond Praise
Torrence Irish Like a Tall Tower
Torrey Celtic Residence Name
Townsend Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Travis, Travers French At the Crossing
Trent Latin Torrent
Trevor Cornish Great House
Trey Anglo Saxon Three
Tristan Celtic The Noisy One
Tristram Celtic Sorrowful One
Troy French Land of the People
Truman Old English A Faithful, Loyal Man
Tyler Old English Occupation Name
Tyson Teutonic Son of the German

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