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If you have searched for 'Name Meanings' then this is the place for you! Perhaps you have an interest in your own name meaning or the meanings of the name of someone who is close to you. 

It might also mean that "Congratulations" might be in order. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby or just interested in names and their meaning we hope that the information that we provide will be of help.

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Girl Name Meanings List

Page, Paige Old English Attendant
Pamela Greek Sweet as Honey
Pandora Greek Gifted
Pansy Old French-Greek A Thought
Panthea Greek Of all the Gods
Patience Latin Virtuous
Patricia Latin Noble Woman
Patty Variant of Patricia
Paula, Paulette Latin little
Peace Latin Tranquillity
Pearl Latin The Pearl
Peggy, Peg, Greek A Pearl
Penelope Greek Weaver
Persis Greek Woman from Persia
Petrina Greek A Rock
Philana Greek Lover of Mankind
Philippa Greek Lover of Horses
Philomena Greek Nightingale
Phoebe Greek Goddess of the Moon
Phyllis Greek A Green Bough
Pilar Spanish Foundation
Polly Variant of Mary
Poppy Flower
Portia Latin Offering to God
Primavera Latin Spring's Beginning
Primrose Latin First Rose
Priscilla Latin Ancient Lineage
Prudence Prudent
Prunella Old French-Latin Plum or Prune Color 

Boy Name Meanings List

Page French Young Assistant
Paine Latin Man from the Country
Palmer Old English-Latin Palm-Bearer
Paris French City
Parker Middle English Park Guarder
Pascal Italian Easter or Passover
Patrick Latin Noble Patrician
Paul Latin Small
Paxton Teutonic Travelling Trader
Pedro Greek A Rock
Pembroke Old Welsh Residence Name
Percival, Percy French-Latin The Valley-Piercer
Perry Old English Pear Tree
Peter Latin Rock or Stone
Peyton Latin Noble Patrician
Philander Greek Lover of Mankind
Philbert Teutonic Illustriously Brilliant
Philip Greek Horse Lover
Phineas Hebrew Brazen Mouth
Pierce Old Anglo French Rock or Stone
Pierre French Form of Peter
Porter Latin Gate Keeper
Prentice Latin Learner
Prescott Old English Residence Name
Preston Old English Town of the Priest
Price Middle English Valued
Prince Latin Prince
Proctor Latin Manager or Agent
Prospero Latin Fortunate

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