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The Names Dictionary is crammed full of interesting ideas for names and their meanings. The names dictionary provides a list of names for the  for both sexes together with their meanings. For a complete list of baby names please refer to the following article

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Sample Ideas from the
Girl Names Dictionary Meanings

Bailey French Public Servant
Bambi Latin Child
Barbra, Bobbie Greek Strange
Bathsheba Hebrew A Pledge
Battista Greek The Baptizer
Beata Latin Blessed
Beatrice Latin She Who brings joy
Becky Hebrew The Ensnarer
Belinda Latin Pretty
Belle French Beautiful Woman
Benetta Latin The Blessed
Benita Latin The Blessed
Berdine Teutonic Bright Maiden
Bernadette Feminine for Bernard
Bernice Greek Herald of Victory
Bertha Teutonic Bright or Glorious Shining
Bertina Teutonic Bright, Shining
Beryl Greek Jewel
Bess Hebrew Consecrated to God
Beth, Bethany Hebrew Worshiper of God
Bethesda Hebrew House of Mercy
Bettina Hebrew Consecrated to God
Beulah Hebrew Married one
Beverly Old English From a Beaver Meadow
Bianca Italian White
Blair Scottish Dweller of the Plain
Blanche French White or Fair 

Sample Ideas from the
Boy Names Dictionary Meanings

Taffy Celtic Welsh form of David
Tait Scandinavian Cheerful
Talbot Old German From the Valley
Tanner Old English Leather Worker
Tate Anglo Saxon Cheerful
Taylor - Old English Occupation Name
Teague Celtic A Poet or Bard
Terrence Latin Smooth, Polished
Thaddeus Greek / Hebrew Praise be to God
Thayer Teutonic Of the Nation's Army
Theobold Teutonic Patriotic
Theodore, Theo - Greek Gift of God
Theron Greek Hunter
Thomas, Tom, Tommy - Hebrew Twin
Thor Scandinavian God of Thunder
Thorpe Teutonic Residence Name
Thurston Scandinavian Thor's Jewel
Tilden Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Timothy Greek Honor God
Titus Greek Of the Giants
Tobias Hebrew Goodness of the Lord
Toby Hebrew God is Good
Todd Scottish Fox
Tony Latin Beyond Praise
Torrence Irish Like a Tall Tower
Torrey Celtic Residence Name
Townsend Anglo Saxon Residence Name
Travis, Travers French At the Crossing
Trent Latin Torrent
Trevor Cornish Great House
Trey Anglo Saxon Three
Tristan Celtic The Noisy One
Tristram Celtic Sorrowful One 

We hope you liked the fast, sample selection of Irish Baby Names on this page but if you want even more baby names and their meanings go to our names dictionary with Meanings

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