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If you have searched for 'Name Meanings' then this is the place for you! Perhaps you have an interest in your own name meaning or the meanings of the name of someone who is close to you. 

It might also mean that "Congratulations" might be in order. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby or just interested in names and their meaning we hope that the information that we provide will be of help.

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Girl Name Meanings List

Rachel Hebrew Innocent
Ramona Teutonic Wise Protector
Randi Feminine of Randall
Rania Sanskrit Royal
Rae Scandinavian Female Deer
Raphaela Hebrew Divine Healer
Rashida African Righteous
Rayna * Princess
Rebecca, Reba Hebrew Captivator
Regina Latin Queenly
Renata, Renee Latin Born Again
Renita Latin Self-Poised
Reseda Latin Healing
Rhea Greek Mother
Rhoda Greek A Rose
Rita Greek A Pearl
Riva French Riverbank
Roberta Anglo Saxon Shining Flame
Robin Feminine of Robert
Rochelle French Small Rock
Roderica Teutonic Princess
Romilda Teutonic Glorious Battle Maid
Rosa Latin A Rose
Rosabel Latin Beautiful Rose
Rosalba Latin White Rose
Rosalia Italian Melody
Rose, Rosie, Rosalie Greek Rose
Rosalind Latin Fair Rose
Rosanne Latin-Hebrew Rose of Grace
Rosemary Latin Dew of the Sea
Rowena Celtic White Mane
Roxanne Persian Brilliant Dawn
Ruby Latin Red Jewel
Rula Latin One who Rules by Right
Ruth Hebrew Compassionate 

Boy Name Meanings List

Radcliffe Old English From the Red Cliff
Radford Old English From the Red Ford
Raleigh Old English Deer Meadow
Ralph Anglo Saxon Wolf
Ramon Teutonic Mighty Protector
Ramsey Scottish Island of Ravens
Randolph Anglo Saxon Strong Shield
Raphael Hebrew God Has Healed
Ray French Sovereign
Raymond Teutonic Wise Protector
Redmond Old English Protected by Reeds
Reece Wales Ardour
Reed Old English Reed
Reese Wales Ardour
Reeves Middle English Steward
Reginald Germanic Power
Renfred Teutonic Peacemaker
Renwick Teutonic Residence Name
Reuben Hebrew Behold, A Son
Rex Latin King
Rhett Old English Stream
Rhys Wales Ardour
Richard Teutonic Powerful Ruler
Ridley Old English From the Red Meadow
Riley Irish Gaelic Valiant
Robert Anglo Saxon Bright Flame
Robin Variant of Robert
Roderick Old German Famous Ruler
Rodney Teutonic Famous
Roger French Famous Spearman
Roland Teutonic Fame of the Land
Rolfe Variant of Rudolph
Romeo Latin Pilgrim to Rome
Ronald Teutonic Of Mighty Power
Rory Celtic Red King
Roscoe Scandinavian From the Deer Forest
Ross Celtic From the Peninsula
Roswell Teutonic Mighty Steed
Rowan Gaelic Red Haired
Roy Celtic King
Royce Anglo Saxon Son of Roy, Kingly
Rudolph Teutonic Famous Wolf
Ruford Old English From the Red Ford
Rufus Latin Red-Haired
Rupert Teutonic Of Shining Fame
Russell Anglo Saxon Red Fox
Rutherford Anglo Saxon From the Ford
Ryan Gaelic Small King

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