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If you have searched for 'Name Meanings' then this is the place for you! Perhaps you have an interest in your own name meaning or the meanings of the name of someone who is close to you. 

It might also mean that "Congratulations" might be in order. Whether you are the mother or father of a new baby or just interested in names and their meaning we hope that the information that we provide will be of help.

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Girl Name Meanings List

Bailey French Public Servant
Bambi Latin Child
Barbra, Bobbie Greek Strange
Bathsheba Hebrew A Pledge
Battista Greek The Baptizer
Beata Latin Blessed
Beatrice Latin She Who brings joy
Becky Hebrew The Ensnarer
Belinda Latin Pretty
Belle French Beautiful Woman
Benetta Latin The Blessed
Benita Latin The Blessed
Berdine Teutonic Bright Maiden
Bernadette Feminine for Bernard
Bernice Greek Herald of Victory
Bertha Teutonic Bright or Glorious Shining
Bertina Teutonic Bright, Shining
Beryl Greek Jewel
Bess Hebrew Consecrated to God
Beth, Bethany Hebrew Worshiper of God
Bethesda Hebrew House of Mercy
Bettina Hebrew Consecrated to God
Beulah Hebrew Married one
Beverly Old English From a Beaver Meadow
Bianca Italian White
Blair Scottish Dweller of the Plain
Blanche French White or Fair
Blenda Teutonic Dazzling
Bliss Old English Joy
Blodywn Welsh White Flower
Blossom Old English Fragrant
Blythe Old English Free Spirit
Bonnibel Latin Good & Beautiful
Bonnie Latin Fair, Lovely
Brandi Old English Burn Wine
Brenda Teutonic Fiery
Briana Irish Gaelic Strong
Bridget Irish Strong and Mighty
Breezy Spanish From the Iliad
Brittany Latin From Britain
Brooke Old English meaning Brook
Brunhilde Teutonic Battle Maid

Boy Name Meanings List

Bailey French Steward
Baird Celtic Bard or Minstrel
Balder Norse Prince
Baldric Teutonic Princely ruler
Baldwin Teutonic Princely Friend
Barclay Old English Meadow of Birch Trees
Barnabas, Barnaby Hebrew Son of Prophecy
Baron Old English Nobleman
Barrett Teutonic Bear-Like
Barry Gaelic Marksman
Bartholomew Aramaic Warlike
Basil Greek Kingly
Baxter Old English Baker
Bayard Teutonic With Red-Brown Hair
Belden Teutonic From the Fair Valley
Benedict Latin Blessed
Benjamin, Ben - Hebrew Son of Right Hand
Benton Old English Moor Dweller
Bernard Teutonic Brave Bear
Bertram Anglo Saxon Bright Raven
Berton Teutonic Glorious Raven
Berwin Teutonic Warrior Friend
Bevis Teutonic Bowman
Billy - Variant of William
Bing Teutonic Cattle shaped
Blaine Gaelic Lean or Thin
Blair Gaelic Man of Flatlands
Blaise Latin Firebrand
Blake Old English Fair Complexioned
Blandon Latin Gentle
Bond Teutonic Farmer
Booth Teutonic From the Booth
Borg Norse Castle Dweller
Boris Slavonic Warrior
Bowen Celtic Son of Owen
Bowie Gaelic Yellow Haired One
Boyce Teutonic Woodland Dweller
Boyd, Boyden Celtic Yellow-Haired
Braden Old English From the Broad Valley
Bradley Anglo Saxon from the Broad Meadow
Brandon Anglo Saxon Quick Sword
Brant Teutonic Firebrand
Brent Old English From the Steep Hill
Bret French Native of Brittany
Brett Celtic From Britain
Brian Celtic Strong
Brice Celtic Great Ambition
Brigham Old English Dweller by the Bridge
Brock Old English The Badger
Broderick Welsh Son of Roderick
Brodie Gaelic A Ditch
Brooke Anglo Saxon Stream
Bruce French Brushwood
Bruno Teutonic Brown Haired
Bryant Celtic Strong
Buck Old English The Deer
Budd Anglo Saxon Messenger
Burgess Teutonic Citizen of a Town
Burke Teutonic Castle
Burton Old English Fortress
Busby Norse Thicket dweller
Byron Anglo Saxon Bear

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