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If you have searched for 'Indian Baby Names ' then "Congratulations" must be in order! Whether you are the mother or father of a new boy or girl, a member of the family or a close friend you are all sharing in a major life event together. Check out the Indian Baby Names Dictionary for some unusual ideas and inspiration.

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Gajagamini - majestic- like an elephant's walk
Gajra - a string of flowers
Gandhali - fragrance of flowers
Ganga - sacred river of India
Gangika - river Ganga
Gangotri - sacred river of India
Gargi - an ancient scholar
Gatita - a river
Gauhar - a pearl
Gaura - a fair woman
Gauri - a fair woman; parvati
Gaurika - a young girl
Gautami - wife a sage Gautam; river Godavari
Gayatri - the chant of salvation; Goddess Durga
Gazala - a deer
Geena - silvery
Geeta - holy book of the Hindus
Geeti - a song
Geetika - a little song
Girija - born of a mountain; Goddess Parvati
Gitanjali - an offering of songs
Godavari - sacred river of India
Gomati - name of a river
Gool - a flower
Gopa - Gautama's wife
Gopi - a cowherd; cowherd woman
Gopika - a cowherd; cowherd woman
Gorochana - Goddess Parvati
Govindi - a devotee of Lord krishna
Gulab - rose
Gunjana - buzzing of a bee
Gunwanti - virtuous
Gurjari - a raga
Gyanada - Goddess Saraswati

Indian Baby Boy Names List

Gagan - sky; heaven
Gaganvihari - one who stays in heaven
Gajanan - one with elephant face
Gajanand - Lord Ganesh
Gajendra - the king of elephants
Ganapati - Lord Ganesh
Ganaraj - lord of the clan
Gandharva - celestial musician
Gandhik - fragant
Ganesh - son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
Gangadhar - Shiva
Gangadutt - gift of Ganga
Gangesh - Lord Shiva
Gangeya - of the Ganga
Gangol - a precious
Gaurang - fair complexioned
Gaurav - honour; pride; respect
Gaurinath - Lord Shiva
Gautam - Lord Buddha
Geet - excellent
Ghanashyam - Lord Krishna
Giri - mountain
Giridari - Lord Krishna
Giridhar - Lord Krishna
Giridhar - one who holds mountain - Krishna
Girik - Lord Shiva
Girilal - Lord Shiva
Girindra - Lord Shiva
Giriraj - lord of mountain
Girish - Lord Shiva
Gokul - a place where Lord Krishna was brought up
Gopal - Lord Krishna; protector of cows
Gopan - protection
Gopesh - Lord Krishna
Gopichand - name of a king
Gorakh - cowherd
Gourishankar - Mount Everest
Govind - cowherd
Govinda - Lord Krishna
Gudakesha - the archer Arjuna
Gulab - rose
Gulfam - the colour
Gulzar - gardener
Gulzarilal - name of Lord Krishna
Gumwant - virtuous
Gunaratna - jewel of virtue
Gunjan - buzzing of a bee
Gupil - a secret
Gurbachan - promise of the guru
Gurcharan - feet of the guru
Gurdayal - compassionate guru
Gurdeep - light of the teacher
Gurmeet - friend of the guru
Gurnam - name of the guru
Gurpreet - love of the teacher
Gursharan - refuge at the guru
Guru - teacher; master or priest
Gurudas - servant of the guru
Gurudutt - gift of the guru
Gyan - knowledge

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