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If you have searched for 'Indian Baby Names ' then "Congratulations" must be in order! Whether you are the mother or father of a new boy or girl, a member of the family or a close friend you are all sharing in a major life event together. Check out the Indian Baby Names Dictionary for some unusual ideas and inspiration.

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Daksha - the earth; Sati; wife of Shiva
Dakshata - skill
Dakshayani - Goddess Durga
Damayanti - Nala's wife
Damini - lightning
Darika - maiden
Darpana - a mirror
Darshana - sight
Darshwana - pure of heart
Daya - kindness; mercy; pity
Dayamayee - kind
Dayanita - tender
Dayita - beloved
Deeba - silk
Deepa - a lamp
Deepabali - row of lamps
Deepali - collection of lamps
Deepamala - row of lamps
Deepanwita - lit by lamps
Deepaprabha - fully lighted
Deepashikha - flame
Deepavali - row of lamps
Deepika - a lamp
Deepta - shining
Deepti - flame; lustre
Deeptikana - a beam of light
Deeptimoyee - lustrous
Devahuti - daughter of Manu
Devak - divine
Devaki - mother of Krishna
Devangana - celestial maiden
Devasree - divine beauty
Devi - goddess
Devika - mother of Krishna
Devyani - daughter of Shukraacharya
Dhanashri - a raga
Dhanishta - a star
Dhanya - great
Dhanyata - success; fulfilment
Dhara - constant flow
Dharani - the earth
Dharini - earth
Dharitri - the earth
Dhatri - earth
Dhriti - courage; morale
Dhvani - sound;voice
Dhwani - sound;voice
Diksha - initiation
Dilber - lover
Dilshad - happy
Disha - direction
Diti - wife of the sage Kashyap
Divya - divine lustre
Doyel - a songbrid
Draupadi - wife of the Pandavas
Dristi - eyesight
Dulari - dear
Durba - sacred grass
Durga - succour; the Goddess
Durva - sacred grass
Dwipavati - river 

Indian Baby Boy Names List

Dabeet - warrior
Dakshesh - Shiva
Daman - one who controls
Damian - tamer
Damodar - Lord Ganapati
Darpak - Kamdev; god of love
Darpan - a mirror
Darshan - religious text
Daruka - deodar tree
Dasharath - the father of Lord Rama
Dattatreya - a son of Atri; a god
Dayanand - one who prefers being merciful
Debashis - benediction of god
Debashish - pleased by gods
Deenabandhu - friend of the poor
Deep - a lamp
Deepak - lustrous
Deepan - lighting up
Deepankar - lord of light
Deependra - lord of light
Deependu - bright moon
Deepesh - lord of light
Deepit - lighted
Deeptanshu - the sun
Deeptendu - bright moon
Deeptiman - lustrous
Deeptimoy - lustrous
Dev - God; king
Dev Kumar - son of gods
Devabrata - a name of Bhisma
Devadas - follower of God
Devadutt - gift of god
Devajyoti - brightness of the Lord
Devak - divine
Devanand - joy of god
Devang - part of god
Devarsi - sage of the Devas
Devdas - servant of god
Devdutta - king
Devendra - Lord Indra
Devesh - Lord Shiva
Deveshwar - Lord Shiva
Devilal - son of godess
Deviprasad - gift of godess
Devnarayan - king
Devnath - King of gods
Devraj - king of gods
Dhananjay - one who wins wealth
Dhanesh - lord of wealth
Dhanraj - Lord Kuber
Dhansukh - wealthy; happy
Dhanvant - wealthy
Dharanidhar - Shesh - the cosmic serpent
Dharma - law - religious
Dharmadas - one who serves his religion
Dharmadev - lord of law
Dharmanand - one who takes pleasure in his religion
Dharmendra - king of religion
Dharmendu - light of religion
Dharmesh - master of religion
Dharmpal - protector of his religion
Dharmveer - religious
Dhaval - fair complexioned
Dhawal - white
Dheeman - intelligent
Dheemant - wise; intelligent
Dheer - gentle
Dheerendra - god of courage
Dhiraj - emperor
Dhiren - one who is strong
Dhirendra - lord of the brave
Dhritiman - patient
Dhruv - pole star
Dhruva - unshakeable the Pole Star
Dhwani - sound
Dhyanesh - meditative
Digamber - nacked
Dilawar - brave
Dilip - a king; ancestor of Rama
Dinanath - protector
Dinar - gold coin
Dindayal - kindto the poor
Dinesh - sun; god of the day
Dinkar - sun
Divakar - the sun
Divyanga - divine body
Divyendu - the moon
Divyesh - sun
Drupad - a king; father of Draupadi
Dulal - dear one
Duranjaya - a heroic son
Durjaya - difficult to conquer
Dushyanta - a king from the epic Mahabharata
Dwaipayan - the sage Vyasa
Dwijaraj - king of Brahmins; the moon
Dwijendra - king of Brahmins; the moon
Dwijesh - river

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