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Pregnancy Symptoms by Weeks
Pregnancy Week by Week section can be used to help you understand the changes in your body and to your baby. There are more detailed facts, information and helpful tips about Pregnancy Symptoms by Week and what can be expected day by day - an informative countdown for pregnant women.

Pregnancy Week by Week

Pregnancy Symptoms to Week 12
First Trimester Pregnancy symptoms from Conception to 12 weeks. There are various symptoms associated with the weeks during the first trimester and unfortunately approximately 70% of all pregnant women suffer from morning sickness or feelings of nausea at this time.

Other symptoms during this early stage of pregnancy include fatigue, swollen breasts, darkening of areolas (the skin around the nipples), headache, backache and frequent urination. Cravings for unusual food can also occur during the early stages. The period of the first trimester carries the highest risk of miscarriage.

Pregnancy Symptoms - Weeks 13 - 28
Many of the early symptoms of pregnancy will have subsided by the Second Trimester and the morning sickness or feelings of nausea would have eased off.

This is the time when you will have a feeling of well-being. However, some symptoms are reported during the Second trimester which include heartburn, backache, constipation, piles, leg cramps and Braxton Hicks contractions. The pregnant woman's belly is usually very upright during this stage of pregnancy.

Pregnancy Symptoms from Week 29
Third Trimester Pregnancy symptoms from Week 29 to Birth of Baby. From the beginning of the third trimester the baby is able to survive, with or without medical help, outside of the womb.

The most weight gain will be made during this trimester and the baby can gain up to 28g per day. The shape of your belly changes as the belly drops due to the baby turning in a downward position ready for birth. Your belly will drop down quite low and you will be able to lift your belly up and down!

Symptoms during this period of your pregnancy include the navel sometimes becoming convex and "popping" out due to the expanding abdomen. Other symptoms include weak bladder control, heartburn and back-ache.


Pregnancy Week by Week

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