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Early Pregnancy

Baby Names

Early Pregnancy
Discover at a glance how your body is adapting and how your baby is growing and developing. The Early Pregnancy Stages for Week 1 - 3 are detailed on this page.

Pregnancy Week by Week

Early Pregnancy - The Early Stages

0 Week 1 Day - Last day of your menstrual cycle.

Week 1 - 3 - 7 Days (Day 14) - This is the approximate date of conception, based on a 28 day cycle

Early Pregnancy - Week 2

Fertilization occurs about the beginning of this week

After a female egg is fertilized, it becomes known as a zygote

The fertilized egg divides and cells are formed

Your fertilized egg is fed by uterine "milk" at this time

Your egg is travelling down the fallopian tube into the uterus

The sex of your baby is determined at the moment of fertilization

Early Pregnancy - Week 3

Between days 7-10 from fertilization implantation in the uterus usually occurs. You are now pregnant although not fully aware until you miss your period

Oestrogen & progesterone levels increase to prepare your body for pregnancy

The umbilical cord and yolk sac begin to form to feed your baby

The baby growing inside you is now called an embryo.

On a 28 day cycle, you should note an absence of your menstrual cycle today

4 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy Week by Week

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