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13 Weeks

Baby Names

13 Weeks Pregnant - What to expect?
Discover at a glance how your body is adapting and how your baby is growing and developing during the period when you are 13 Weeks Pregnant:

Week 13 - Day 1: Start of your second Trimester. During the second trimester, the development of the baby can be more easily monitored and diagnosed.

Week 13 - Day 2: Your teeth and gums need extra care in pregnancy

Week 13 - Day 3: Dry skin often occurs try a good moisturiser

Week 13 - Day 4: Feeling faint is a common problem in pregnancy

Week 13 - Day 5: Your baby's hair follicles develop

Week 13 - Day 6: Everyday your baby’s heart pumps several quarts of blood through its body

Week 13 - Day 7: Baby is about 9-10cm or 3.5-4 inches long & weighs about 1.75 oz (50 grams) - about the size of a peach

What to expect at 13 Weeks Pregnant


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