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The task of choosing a name for a newborn is a truly responsible one! Its great fun but it can be daunting. There are so many things to consider. So many pitfalls to be aware of! And the inevitable arguments surrounding the ultimate choice of what to call the new arrival ! Having experience in the whole area of baby names we have developed an exclusive evaluator!

The Name Evaluator Instructions
Answer each of the questions with simply 'Yes' or 'No'

Are you happy with the origins and meaning of your choice? 

Is the name easy to spell?

Is the name easy to pronounce?

Are you happy that there are no pitfalls associated with it?

Does the first name sound right with the surname?

Are the initials free of any family duplications or unpleasant associations?

Are you happy that your choice would suit a child of School age?

Are you happy that your choice would suit a senior citizen?

Have you considered any connections with a celebrity or famous person?

Have you considered whether your choice is liable to date quickly?

Are you happy that your choice makes the sex of the child immediately clear?

Are you happy with any possible diminutive forms or derivations for example John, Johnny, Jack or Richard, Rich, Dick, Ricky

Are you happy with the category for example - traditional, fashionable, religious, ethnic or faddish?

Have you considered any possible adverse psychological effects?

Have you considered the importance of a name on a person's identity?

Have you made the choice for your baby rather than yourself?

Scoring the Name Evaluator
Score one point for every 'Yes ' you have answered on the e valuator!

14 - 16
You have made an excellent choice which has been well considered
10 - 13
You have selected a name with some pitfalls associated with it. Would be suitable for a Middle
7 - 9
There are some problems with this as a First Name selection. Checkout the negative areas and try to compromise. Consider this choice as a Middle
3 - 6
Discuss this name selection with your friends and family before making any decision
0 - 2
Choose another Name!

The Name Evaluator

The questions posed in the Name Evaluator have been designed to help you to fully evaluate your name selection. By answering all of the questions posed in the evaluator you have focused your mind on the responsible task of finding a suitable name for your new arrival. 

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