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Family Geneology Search Guidelines
Geneology - What do I do first?
The first question to geneology is "What do I do first?" Research is the key to success! There are no quick answers to geneology research and tracing family trees and family history but the following information will certainly reduce the time required.

Glossary of Genealogical Terms

Geneology - understand the history, origins and meanings of surnames
A couple of minutes reading through our section on Surnames will help with this task and will prove to be very enlightening!
Geneology - understand the category of name.

Understanding the category of a surname will help with research into the geneology. It will provide a good starting point and eliminate any unnecessary areas of research.

How would the name relate to or describe your ancestor?
Did it relate to a place?
Did it describe a trade?
Was it an 'adopted' name?
Was it a descriptive name - describing a physical or characteristic attribute?
Could it have been derived from a nickname?

Essential References!
There are many reference books that can help - it's just knowing which ones to ask for! Check out Surname Dictionaries and Place Name dictionaries in your local library when you start you genealogy quest. There are also many on line resources that you can access - using Surname Dictionaries and Place Name dictionaries as you search words.

Official Records
Official records will help provide detailed information in relation to geneology - huge databases can be found via the following:
U.S. Federal Census Records (1790-1930)
Birth, Marriage & Death Records
Historical Newspapers dating back to the 1700's

Family History and Geneology
Talk to members of the family! Research into your own family history will provide you with excellent genealogy information about events and places. And will, no doubt, provide some fascinating insights that are just not available from any other sources. Encourage your family to become involved with your project.

Language and Geneology
Ensure that you are clear on which language and nationality your Surname belongs to. Family members can help with this type of confirmation.

Glossary of Genealogical Terms

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